Rachel Venables – Tesselites

Tesselites comprises three table lamps. The three Tesselites offer flexibility as they are designed to work together or as separate objects. The varying sizes of the cubes provide a balanced composition when grouped, alternatively providing flexibility of function when used apart (Eg smaller lights for beside tables, larger for coffee table).

In the Crosses and Triangles Tesselites, the formal repetition of the different shapes and colour patterns is subverted by unexpectedly scattering the openings. This allows light to spill out, with some opening wrapping from one place of the cube onto the next.

The design of Pyramids plays with three-dimensionality in a different way, as each pyramid projects out from the grid of the cube, and the colour layout is rotated with each repeat.

Each Tesselite lamp has a palette of three neutrals and one feature colour, with contrast between gloss and matt finishes. As a lighting range the colour and texture possibilities are endless.

The substrate is 9mm Lakepine MDF, and LED lamps sit inside on the base. Each table lamp connects to mains power via a cable and plug.

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