Wendy Tran – Crimson Summer

Light is essential in sustaining life for all living things. It is also associated with growth, warmth and hope.

The Crimson Summer design is inspired by the flowers of the Pohutukawa tree. In summer, along the coastline, this iconic New Zealand tree would produce a profusion of crimson blossoms. Clusters of wiry red stamens tipped in nectar would not only provide the native birdlife with a source of food, it also evokes memories of summer, family gatherings, beaches, barbeques and most of all happiness. All that is associated with light – life, growth, warmth and hope.

Like the Pohutukawa flower, the Crimson Summer light is made up of a cluster of stamens. Each stamen is recreated with a single Formica laminate, gently curved to replicate the unfurling of the flower, with the tip of each stamen embedded with an LED.

The intention of the Crimson Summer light is not only to provide a stylish, aesthetic source of light made from a versatile material, it also represents life, growth, warmth and hope. And to some, it will conjure up warm memories of summer spent on an NZ beach underneath a Pohutukawa tree.

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