Formica International Exhibition: Peter Eisenman, Chair #1 2008

Peter Eisenman is one of the founding theorists of the fragment theory of architecture or desconstructivist. Early in his career he was known for his houses, he named them simply numbered like House I, House II, and so on. As he began to build larger projects, he practiced his desconstructivist theory on spaces dedicated to design like the University of Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center for Design & Art, Wexner Art Center in Columbus, Ohio USA.

Recently completed project with great exposure is the Monument to Murdered Jews of Europe – the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. At the present, Mr. Eisenman is working on the City of Culture in Galicia, Spain.

This is the first chair that Mr. Eisenman has ever designed, hence the name, Chair #1, just like his houses. As you can see from this drawing, Peter Eisenman’s design constructed with Artic white Solid Surfacing is very similar style of his numbered White Houses.

Mr. Eisenman created a jewel-box scale piece, small but powerful in concept. Sheets of the solid surfacing were cut through to create layered delicate grids with CNC preciseness. The top flips up to make a chair back, or down to create a small table. This piece commanded $18,000 as the first chair designed by Eisenman. The auctioneer thought it was worth much more and will go up in value.

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