Formica International Exhibition: Massimo Vignelli, CuboSeat 2008

The tenth and final chair is not a chair but three chairs to create any seating landscape you would want. Massimo Vignelli and his wife Lella are multifunctional designers know for their corporate identity, graphic, product and interior design. Both Italian born, NYC-based designers participated in the original Formica ColorCore competition, so we were very honored when they choose to work with the upgraded ColorCore2.

Massimo Vignelli designs in the modernist tradition, focusing on simplicity through the use of basic geometric forms. Mr. Vignelli’s graphic imagery is seen in the most important places of the world like the Guggenheim in Bilbao Spain, the Rome Termini airport and the infamous NYC Subway system.   He has completed corporate identities for Benetton, American Airlines, Knoll and more. Focusing on furniture, Mr. Vignelli and team has designed for Knoll, Casigliani, Poltronova and Bernini to name a few.

Massimo Vignelli selected graphic Black, Folkstone gray and New White in MicroDot finish to create three blocks with a “bite taken out of the corner” as Mr. Vignelli says. This is the basis for “CuboSeat” as he named the chair.

The three CuboSeat blocks are to be rotated, turned, moved into any position and the resulting composition still maintains it’s graphic-like concept. Massimo is loved by his peer group, but very practical in execution. The first set of three sold for $30,000.

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