In today’s world, we live with the convenience of technology that lets us stay connected to any network, information and entertainment at any time. While this convenience may have eased our work-flow and bettered our lifestyle, we also live in a world of constant exposure to other people’s lives. Some people

spend large portions of their day on their phones; checking for notifications from other people. And carefully curated posts of their lives on instagram can leave you to feel inadequate. We are connected with the furthest people of the planet, but we are losing contact with ourselves.

With the increasing amount of different medias that fragment our attention in todays’ world, we need to switch off the screen and spend more time to ourselves. ‘Meditation’ is one of the great ways to practice having some ‘me-time’. Taking time each day to quiet our mind and breathe deeply, can make a big difference in how we feel throughout the day and into the night.

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