Chantal Jeffrey – Piwakawaka

This design was inspired by my favourite New Zealand native bird, the Fantail (the Maori name for fantail is Piwakawaka). I was inspired by the shape their feathers create with the wind overlaps the tail. By taking this form and simplifying it I create an origami type geometric shape that I have named the Piwakawaka Pendant. I wanted the pendants to look delicate like stars at night, they are hung with black electrical cord so that at night it gives the illusion they are floating.

With the Formica I decided to use the traditional square edge profile and clash the edges, to continue with the geometric style. The Formica will be mounted on 3mm MDF. I used the Decometal Polished Aluminium alongside Plex Graphite on the interior as a reflective surface to project the light and the colours for the exterior sides have been chosen to invoke and idea of stars and the galaxy.

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