Mary Hogben – SIMPLICITY!

My vision for the attached design is that HPL be used on Laminex Ply, which would then be left unclashed to expose the ply laminations. These could then be limed or stained or oiled depending on the colour of the laminate used. For instance, if using Formica 180fx Carrera Marble matt then the ply could have limed finish for a whitish look, giving an overall soft appearance.

Whereas, if using Formica AR Plus Grey Kashmir , then a charcoal stain and polish would give a bold look. A country look could be achieved by using Formica Prestige Walnut, with oiled ply.

The idea of using a traditional looking table with turned ply on the table legs is a nod to the past, celebrating Formica’s 100 year anniversary and yet using the ply product which is quite modern and is often used with the edges exposed for a contemporary look.

I believe the overall concept could easily be used in a variety of different applications and table types, I.e coffee table, console etc.

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