Frances Fraser – Timetable

The depiction of housewives in the mid century Formica ads look quaint to many. The sense of servitude does not sit well with the modern woman of independent means and minds. And yet if you ask a group of such women, they still have the kitchen at the heart of the home and recognise and value the opportunities the sharing of meals offers our families and therefore, with its strong symbolic connection to that, the Table.

Perhaps even more so now than ever, giving focus to the place where we share food and whatever small or large part of our day we wish to contribute (“So how was school?” “Good”), where we are in one place at one time doing one thing (mostly) – although we might sometimes wonder why on earth we both (“Yuck! I hate this dinner”) is an investment worth slowly but surely contributing to.

So the rings of the tree are the inspiration for this table as they represent incremental growth and the strength in trust and understanding that builds up over time through shared meal-time experiences with family and friends.

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