Frances Fraser – River, Love, Light

I was stopped in my tracks during my walk beside the Greenstone River. This piece of river was still and inviting yet held a powerful force. It was deep with a fine layer of reflection at its surface and it provided colours that together could only exist in that very place.

It was day four of our walk and I had been mentally designing a light as a gift for my brother and his wife-to-be. I was thinking of the things we can learn from a river for good and long lasting love. It has a sparkling surface but runs deep with much more beyond. It adapts to its changing environment as one, knowing if it stays together it can make it through the rough times.

Light does interesting things to water and water does interesting things to light.

I set out to create a light that represented the depth and fluidity of the Greenstone River. It seemed an interesting challenge to achieve this with Formica – a material that might be imagine only in its consistent, level, solid raw form.

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