Ruth Findlay – trianglequalsquare

The world today, an ever-changing and shifting flux of multi-layered and responsive social, spatial and material environments. As our world becomes increasingly modular and automated we seem to crave the childlike qualities of creativity, involvement and play. We must propose adaptable objects have attributes of variety, allow customisation, encourage user participation, which inspire wonder, that are context-sensitive and are playful. We see Formica as possessing many of these attributes with its huge variety of colours and finishes, its potential for customisation and beauty.

Through a collaborative design process addressing these desirable attributes, we made a series of models based on popular children’s toys and finally came to our proposal loosely based on the Rubik’s snake.

Constructed from four right angled triangles which twist and revolve, a myriad of forms are made possible and allows the object to defy definitions of sculpture, lighting fixture, furniture, toy. Each triangular module is to consist of a lightweight welded aluminium frame clad with Formica laminate v-folded which allows the material to wrap around the frame, making up the majority of the surface area of each module. The translucidity of the panels required for the transfer of light from within were best found with Laminex Solid Surface. Each module would have a pivot mechanism similar to those found on the toy which can lock in place and gives the flexibility and strength needed.

With the ability to be mobile and moveable, the illumination of each module would ideally be from battery powered LED lights, solar powered lights or rechargeable LED lights, future applications might use OLED panels. By being light, flexible and mobile this object can move and change according to a whim, a situation or an environment.

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