Dirk De-Koster – The Koru Trilogy

The design and inspiration clearly came from the organic shapes of the Koru.

Furthermore the rest off the concept was driven by need. The need to create more than the obvious. The need to use space in a different manner. The need to create something that would perfectly show the beauty flexibility and character of ‘Formica’. The shapes and possibilities of this table encapsulate the design scope of this incredible product we have come to know so very well as ‘Formica’.

Even though I have selected colours for this product I believe that this amazing design perfectly lends itself to the versatile magnificence and strengths of ‘Formica’.

The main products used are the trusted ‘Formica’ in its purest form. To some extent back to basics when it comes to “Formica use” but on the other the proof that this product can rejuvenate itself and always will for generations to come.

The use for a table speaks for itself. A coffee table that can transform to a comfortable three-seater dinning or boardroom table. As so often with ‘Formica’ the selected colours and finish can so easily dictate its ultimate use.

This table can be anything from a show-off masterpiece (mechanised and remote controlled) in an executive’s office or on a super yacht, to a space saving solution in student accommodation or a affordable hotel room with a much more robust and basic moving mechanism.



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