Sphere garden reinvents garden items, these items are often tucked away in the corner of the garden where no-one wants to look or go. Having Spare Bee & Spare Worm in plain sight, adding a working sculpture to the area. While at the same time providing a valuable services to the eco-system.

Bee’s pollinate approximately 30% of all plants. Bee’s number are on the decline across the world. The Spare Bee – Hive is redefining what a beehive looks like.

Creating a sculptural aspect for the garden as well as a working hive.

Giving back to nature with increasing the bee population in turn providing honey for the family!

Worms are the life blood to every garden, not only do they provide nutrients to the soil but also get rid of garden waste. Spare Worm provides an opportunity for the household to reduce their amount of waste they send to the rubbish dump.

Having a healthy working garden with Spare Bees & Spare Worms brings

Spare Birds!

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