2017 – guidelines

Laminex New Zealand® is excited to announce the next installment of the cutting-edge design competition, Formica Formations® in 2017!

What defines a home, a design, an aesthetic or a style as modern? We live in a world of change, constantly challenging us to rethink the way we behave, how we engage and react to the people and places around us.

In our homes, working environments and shared spaces we live out our relationships with the world in what can seem to be an ever increasing degree of exposure. We’re all at once connected and separated, unified and fragmented. With that exposure comes responsibility.

How can innovative thinking, using Formica laminate, enhance our modern environment and contribute to a better life, a better home and a better world for all.

Design for the personal space, cross-area living, the public or global space. See forward – help connect with responsible, thoughtful actions. Connect, move, support, improve and future proof.

There are two entry categories:

Category 1: Professional architects & designers

This category is for practicing architects and designers with four or more years of design experience. Submissions can be either individual or firm entries.


Winner $5,000
2nd Place $2,000
3rd Place $1,000
Category 2: Emerging architects & designers

This category is for tertiary level architecture and design students, as well as practicing architects and designers who are within four years of graduation.


Winner $2,000
2nd Place $1,000
3rd Place $500

Group submissions are allowed in both categories but will be limited to teams of up to four members.

The designs will be judged by a panel of three recognised design experts – Ron Sang, David Trubridge and Renee Hytry Derrington. Laminex New Zealand will fabricate the winning design in each category. Laminex New Zealand will host an awards ceremony later in the year and will promote the winners nationally in marketing and promotional materials.

Guidelines for Submission

In designing your submission for the 2017 Formica Formations Design Competition, the following requirements and specifications should be observed:

Submission Requirements

In the first instance to enter the competition you need to submit design drawings only. If you make the finals you will be required to submit the following:

  1. Both design drawings and working drawings sufficient to completely and accurately describe all aspects of the submission – this is to ensure the integrity of your design when fabricated.
  2. A complete and explicit list of all specified materials.

Send submissions to contact@formicaformations.co.nz by 5pm, 31 July 2017.

Design Specifications
  1. Each design should represent your vision for what a forward life should look like, using Formica laminate.The design must feature Formica® laminate as its primary material. See www.formica.com/en/nz for locally available Formica laminate which you can specify in the submitted design. You can also use Formica 180fx® laminate, Formica ColorCore® laminate and Formica AR+® Solid Colours laminate.
  2. Technical specifications pertaining to materials will be provided upon request. To obtain these documents, please email a request detailing your requirements to contact@formicaformations.co.nz
  3. Additional Materials:You may specify non-Formica laminate materials as design elements in a piece, as long as the following restrictions are observed:
    • Specified non-Formica laminate materials are not to exceed 30% of the design in proportion to the Formica laminate used (not including necessary substrates, hardware, or wiring).
    • Specified non-Formica laminate materials used must come from the following list of Laminex NZ’s product range:
      • Laminex® laminate
      • Laminex® Innovations® laminate
      • Laminex® Solid Surface
      • Laminex® Timber Veneer
      • Laminex® Aquapanel®
      • Melteca®
      • Purecoat by Melteca®
      • Seratone®
      • Caesarstone®
      • Laminam®
      • Lakepine® MDF
      • Strandboard®
      • Strandfloor®
      • Superfine ®Particleboard
      • Trade Essentials® Whiteboard
      • Triboard®

      See www.laminexnewzealand.co.nz for more details on specific products.

  4. Dimensions:The final assembled size of each piece should not exceed the dimensions 1.5m long x 1.5m wide x 1.5m high.
  5. Weight:The final weight of each piece after fabrication should not exceed:20kg for hanging/suspended pieces30kg for freestanding pieces
  6. Mounting / suspension:Each piece needs to be able to be either displayed independently or the design must provide instructions for ceiling suspension or wall mounting.
  7. Electricity:If a piece requires electrical power, all wiring should be compatible with standard NZ commercial and residential electrical codes.
Key Dates
Competition opens 1 February 2017
Competition closes for design judging 31 July 2017
Finalists announced and working drawings requested 14 August 2017
Working drawings submitted 18 September 2017
Awards night November 2017


For any queries about the above requirements or specifications, please email us at contact@formicaformations.co.nz

To enter online now, please click here